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The influence of coffee on cultures dates back to the 15th century. Every society has made coffee an indispensable part of its culture, blending it with its own past. Bakır Istanbul Brew Lab collection was created for you to prepare a unique filter coffee at home.


  • Product Code: MB046

Brew Lab French Press

₺1,250.00 Regular Price
₺1,062.50Sale Price
    • Lenght: 11.5cm
    • Width: 9cm
    • Height: 19 cm
    • Volume: 350ml
    • Material : Copper body, anti-scratch glass bowl
    • Suggestion for use: Shake and pour some hot water in the French Press. Put 13-14 grams of coffee and 20 ml of hot water per person in the chamber. Wait about 30 seconds for pre-brewing and then add 160 ml of hot water for each person. Wait about 4 minutes, press the Press slowly until it reaches the bottom of the chamber, your coffee is ready to be served.
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